Bad for Me

Why do I read the news, and why do I eat cheesecake? I’m beginning to suspect that neither of these practices are particularly beneficial. I tell myself that keeping in touch with world issues allows me to stay informed and relevant, an active member of the world. Eating cheesecake is a pure luxury of which I take advantage, simply because I can. “Clean your plate, Connie. There are starving children in Africa” (i.e. without cheesecake).

Who Knows Anything?

Every morning I check the news to see what fresh atrocity Donny T. has committed, or else review the latest liberal tantrum. That’s the news, folks. I join a large percentage of the American populace in my low regard for the mainstream news outlets. Did I call them news outlets? Let me be more specific: bias, whiny, soapbox rants. Where are the neutral journalists? Where are the facts? Why do I have to wade through article after article about what some entertainer thinks about this or that, when we all know that those are the people least likely to have a realistic perspective on anything? Talk about living in a bubble…

Just the Facts

We are all aware of media bias, but somehow, we’re all okay with this. We freely acknowledge that Fox News has a slant and that CNN has a slant, so we console ourselves with a statement like, “I read/watch the articles from both outlets to get a full picture.” Nobody gets a full picture from two extreme positions. When I look at black, and then I look at white, I don’t conceive gray. Or, if I do have some ability to merge the two, is it unreasonable for me to conjecture that there are an infinite number of varying shades between the darkest gray and the almost white? No wonder the American public is so frustrated and fractured. No wonder we have almost completely lost the ability to reach our own conclusions based on unembellished facts.

Pleasure and Pain 

Dairy gives me gas, but that doesn’t put a crimp in my cheesecake eating practices. Loads of sugar make me a little insane (FYI, I’m enjoying a piece of double chocolate death, even as I write this bit, which explains my current unhinged frame of mind). The creamy texture and the choco-sugar porn is what makes the experience so pleasing. But later, as the breakdown occurs in my aging digestive system, I will be filled with regret.


2 thoughts on “Bad for Me

  1. I quit watching the news years ago. I am still well informed, overall, and am much happier. Even when I do get outraged over news of or from the world, I remind myself that Revelations has already predicted all this and God is the victor. At times this doesn’t feel enough, I am human after all, and often question how humans have come so far only to be so stupid and cruel. I want justice and I want it now, starting with the people who demand I hear them, I’m aweful for disagreeing, and are quick to slam me for my own personal thoughts. Well…. didn’t I just get on a tiny soap box. Which is exactly why chocolate cheesecake was invented. A nice, calming way to end your soapbox day.

    • My darling, darling, darling girl. How I love you. I want you to know that I am feeling much better about everything, and I am certain you will want to check out this new series I’m starting today.

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