Click, Click, Click……

For some reason, I’ve been avoiding my own blog.

I think that things must be changing so quickly right now, that my typing skills just can’t keep up. As difficult and flat out weird as my life is getting, I can only hope that there are others of you sharing my experience. If not, more’s the pity. This whole thing has been one hell of a ride and I’m fairly certain that I’ve yet to encounter the first drop. I love roller coasters, but how high does this track climb? Look out, below!

I haven’t considered myself as a person with any real options for quite some time. I wonder why? When I look back, I can see them all dancing around me. Why was I so blind to them before now? Two years ago, Abba deposited an extremely radical idea into my spirit and I’ve been uncovering it ever since. As He peels back the leathered layers of illusion and distorted self perception, the truth of it washes over me with fresh insight. With each wave it is stronger and clearer and the light of His great love shines brighter and warmer. I stand naked and unashamed in it. I am exposed more and more and I almost don’t mind it, anymore. Almost.

It’s like I’ve been standing in a candy store all of my life watching others gorge themselves on chocolates and sours while a stood there content just to be there and spectate. Not only can I have anything I want, as much as I want, but the confectioner has prepared a special signature treat in my honor for me to enjoy and share with everyone. All this time, I’ve been a guest at my own party. What’s up with that?

When we finally take our eyes off of our own fears and shortcomings to look around at the reality of who we are, that’s when the real party starts. I’ve missed way too much of mine. Don’t miss yours.


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