I Need A New Purse

Being a woman, these days, is a demanding and sometimes confusing job.

We are the eternal middle man in a world forever moving, forever changing. We offer our hands, our minds and our bodies to the needs of others. It is no wonder that some women are so selfish while others are giving to the point of personal ruin. I’m not taking away from the men, here. Neither am I blaming them. I’m not a man so I can scarcely comment on his condition. I am a woman and to this I am acquainted very well. We are required to be beautiful, but not too beautiful for our female peers. We are required to be smart, but not smarter than our mate. We are required to be ever prepared, ever frugal, ever resourceful. I guess that’s why we carry purses. We love to talk but are rarely listened to. I complained about this fact, once, to God. I think that I heard him say, “I know. Nobody listens to Me, either.” It must have been Him. I’m not that clever.

We are, for the most part, high maintenance, but what of it? We navigate the world through our emotions and so we are particularly vulnerable to love and fear. We are designed to be extra sensitive so that we can nurture children who are unable to communicate their needs with words. Having this ability can really mess you up. On the other hand, it is a tremendous blessing to share another’s heart, another’s joy, another’s pain. If we become demanding and whiny, if we are absent minded or tired, please do not judge us too harshly. We may or may not work as hard as the average male. We may or may not carry the concerns and worries that most men must bear. But women generally share the common desire to love, to feed, to comfort those who come to us for rest. We want to forgive. Sometimes it’s hard.

We are targeted by the media far more than men because we are the givers in our homes. These days, both men and women are the providers, but women distribute, women instruct, women influence. I realize that all of these observations are not one hundred percent accurate. There are very nurturing, intuitive men, just as there are very practical, goal oriented women. I’m talking in broad generalizations, here. As women, we must be cautious of what we pick up and carry. We must be vigilant in our minds and our emotions. We must be careful of what we hear and what we say. The world is watching.


6 thoughts on “I Need A New Purse

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